Otley Church Prayer Chain

To submit a prayer chain, please contact Pastor Mike or our Office. Prayers submitted will stay on the website for a period of two weeks.


Current prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for travel safety and work site safety for Mia Burns, Al Vander Linden, Pastor Joe & Diana Brummel and numerous high school students and parents as they travel to Mission, TX for the LakeView spring break mission trip. They will be leaving March 15 and returning March 23. (Added 3/15/19)


When submitting a prayer request, please remember the following:

1.     Be brief and to the point.

2.   Choose your words carefully so that the need is clearly stated, but not overwhelming. While details may seem helpful, it ultimately can distract and detract people. God already knows the details, thus are not always needed to pray effectively and can potentially lead to gossip.

3.   In order to respect privacy, be certain you have permission. The staff will not forward requests, which have not received permission.

4.   When possible, send updates and answers to prayer so that we can celebrate with you!

5. The prayer chain is reserved for prayers and cancellations. Prayer Chains will not be utilized for gossip, individual events, time changes, or announcements.