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The Message

At Otley Church, we present biblically based sermons which apply to everyday life. In a typical message/sermon we take God's truth and see how it applies in the 21st Century. In a typical sermon, you may laugh, cry, or both. You may feel comfort, or you might feel convicted to change. All of this is not through our speaker but rather through the work of the Holy Spirit on your heart.  In the worship guide/bulletin there will be an outline for you to follow along with and take home with you to remember the big idea. If you would like to hear one of the past messages, check out our media page. 

The Music

Every Sunday our services are different and no service is completely the "same." Our services have a variety of music as in one week you may sing some of your old favorite hymns and the next week sing some of the songs you hear on the radio. In general, we sing a mix of contemporary and traditional in our services led by one of our praise teams. If you don't know the songs, feel free to sit quietly and listen to the may become one of your new favorites.