Perfect Christian

How to be a Perfect Christian

This sermon series is based off of The Babylon Bee’s book, How to be a Perfect Christian: Your guide to Flawless Spiritual Living. The Babylon Bee is a Christian satirical website ala the Onion. June 2’s sermon, “Finding the Right Church” is preached in a satirical style, so please listen to the whole thing for a more full understanding.


Confessions of a Church Pastor

In this message, the Holy Spirit issued an audible. Instead of continuing on in our "Erased" series, Pastor Mike preached on what was stirring in his heart and in the hearts of the elders. The graphic below describes four spiritual maturity levels (along with off ramps).  We are indebted to Daryl Cripe of Execheo for helping us along this path.

The Four Levels of Spiritual Maturity

The Four Levels of Spiritual Maturity

At the end of the message, Pastor Mike Issues a challenge, asking if you are willing to do whatever it takes to reach one more, if you would like to make that commitment, fill out the form below!

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