No Longer Silent


Note: This is the first in our blog series, called Unspeakable Sins

Why have we been silent?


As I write this blogpost, I must admit, I am trembling. I am scared. This is not an easy topic to address. People on both sides of this issue are very motivated and passionate. In writing this post, I may be alienating members of my community, congregation, and even family, so, despite the calls for being neutral, I feel Christ is calling me to be courageous.


“Father, as I write these words (and for those who read them) may they be shared and viewed in love. May my heart for the Gospel and your people be evident. Where there is hate may you send love, where there is frustration, patience, and where there is criticism, understanding. Amen.”


January 23, 2019 was and is a dark day. This is a very dark day masquerading as a day of light and celebration. As I spent 2.5 hours shoveling snow off my driveway and sidewalks, two landmark decisions passed. The first, which happened in the heartland, Polk County, Iowa. Last year, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed what we know as the “Heartbeat Bill” which denied abortions in cases where a heartbeat may be detected. For most cases, this generally happens at roughly 6 weeks. Today, a judge declared this bill unconstitutional. This hurts. This hurts more than you know.


In another landmark piece of legislation, the state of New York will allow abortions up to the day of the due date if the mother’s health is at risk. This is a slippery slope. What exactly determines “when a mother’s health is at risk”? Who decides this? Is a baby a “health risk”? Friends, this is a slippery slope leading to an avalanche of issues.


Why have we been silent?


As a W-A-S-P (White-Anglo/Saxon-Protestant) and male, I realize I am the most “privileged” of groups, thus many will discredit my viewpoint. In addition, being male, I will never physically give birth myself. The closest I can get is to witness the miracle of birth. I have beautifully watched my wife give birth to five beautiful children (four princes and one princess) each one fearfully and wonderfully made. Each one a gift of God and a blessing in our lives. I can say unequivocally my wife would say she would endure that pain again in order to bring our children into the world.


In our last pregnancy, Krys’ doctor asked if we would like to have prenatal testing for any genetic/chromosomal abnormalities. The most common reason one might test for this is to determine whether your child has Down’s syndrome. Why do doctors “order” this test? In theory, it is to determine if the baby is healthy. For some, it is a reason to decide whether you may not want the said child. We opted in so that we might be prepared in the event we needed to make arrangements for the child. As parents, we put the needs of the child first because it is not about us, it is about the sanctity of life. It is about what God has given to us.


If our child would have been born with any sort of genetic abnormality, even if they were not given a high chance of survival, we would have wanted the baby.


Why have we been silent?


One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 5:6-9 (ESV) which says, “For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.” What is this saying? This is saying Jesus Christ GAVE himself up for you. He endured pain to give you life. Was dying on the cross inconvenient? YES it was. Was it something Christ wanted to do? He wanted to do it because he loved all of us. He loved all of us more than he loved his own life. This is the Gospel. The Gospel is giving your life so that others may live.


Friends, I grieve. I grieve because I believe this is a set of decisions, which go completely against the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Abortion does the exact opposite. Abortion is the anti-gospel. Abortion says, “Let me eliminate the life so that I can stop my pain”. It says, “I don’t want to be pregnant, pregnancy is inconvenient, it messes up my life.” Our sins messed up Christ’s life. They do not just mess up his life for 40ish weeks, they END his life. We were his ENEMIES. We were completely against him, and he still said, I will go to Calvary, and I am willing to guess Christ would do it even if it would save one life.


Why have we been silent?


May I ask you a question? The question I want to ask is this: “When does life end?” I am guessing most of us would say that when a heartbeat stops it is a sign of death. Then, the opposite should designate life, should it not? A heartbeat should designate life. In our crooked and depraved generation, we seem to be more passionate about the rights of animals than the rights of humans, and this must stop.


The church spoke before. We condemned the actions of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, which exterminated roughly 6 million Jews. Look at this number: 60,069,971. This is the number of babies aborted since 1973 in the United States. In addition, it is only through 2017. That is over 10x the number of Jews systematically killed. This is genocide on steroids and it is not stopping anytime soon, unless we act.


Why are we silent now?


Unfortunately, many are afraid to stand on God’s word, or they have distorted the teachings of Christ. Within the past year, one pastor within our classis (think district/presbytery/geographical area) co-signed a document supporting a women’s right to abortion. We also have an openly homosexual minister within our denomination who celebrated yesterday’s decision in NYC (@ThatGaysianRev). This must stop. The blood is on our hands. We must speak.  


I will not be silent anymore


I am pro-life. I believe in protecting those who are unable to advocate for themselves. We must stop letting those who are “pro-choice” control the narrative. It is not an embryo, nor a fetus, a zygote or the product of conceptus. It is not a blob of cells or foreign uterine matter. It is a life. It is a baby. One who is fearfully and wonderfully made!


It does not matter if this baby was the product of a loving married couple who prayed for a child for months. It does not matter if the baby is the product of a one night stand. It does not matter if the baby is an “oops” from a couple who may be a little older. It is a person.


It does not matter what the color of their skin is. It does not matter about their parent’s financial status is. It does not matter where they may be born and raised. It matters that they are born.


Every baby deserves a life, and a voice. Abortion is taking away life from one who cannot advocate for themselves. Abortion is pure evil masquerading as convenience.

Are we really going to allow a baby to die because it was not born a day earlier? A week earlier? All life deserves to be preserved. Even in the case of incest and rape. These are horrible, despicable, deplorable actions. But does that baby deserve to die because their father sinned? Abortion is punishing the child for the actions of the rapist. Are we really going to let these actions control another person’s life?


Some might say, well, the mother’s are not in a place to care for the baby. Ok. That’s true, but still, why are we debating this? Are we really going to end the life of children because they may have a hard life? Is not a hard life worth more than not having life at all? This same rationale can be used for everything. Are we not going to allow our children to have friends because their friends might hurt them? Are you not going to take a job because you might be fired? No. It is ludicrous.


Christ died. Christ died so that we may live. Why are we not letting these children live?


We cannot be silent any longer. Speak Truth. Speak Life. Speak out for the unborn.


My parting thoughts...


I also wish to address those who may have already had an abortion. You may be filled with grief. You may be filled with sorrow and you are likely filled with pain. The reality is you have sinned, but God still loves you. God still loves you in the midst of your sin. God still loves your baby as well.


There is no sin you have committed aside from denying Jesus Christ which cannot be forgiven. Turn to God, ask for forgiveness and receive it. God is faithful, he is just and he will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


After asking for (and receiving forgiveness) speak out for the unborn and look forward to the day when you are reunited with your child in heaven and with your heavenly Father.