Diving Deeper: A Further Look at Yesterday's Sermon


Brief Sermon Recap:

This week we continued our series of “The Grave Robber.” This week we discussed the story of Jesus opening the eyes of a blind man in John 9:1-11. In the sermon, we looked at the big idea of Jesus being the light of the world, and as believers, we should not simply see the light of the world but we should carry it with us. We carry the light with us to: show his glory, to ensure we are not blinded by it and to allow for our obedience.

Diving Deeper Questions

1.      Jesus tells the disciples that the man who was blind did not sin, neither did his parents. Instead, this was to display the glory of God. All of us have areas in our lives where we may have some sort of limitation. What is your limitation and how might you use it for his glory or display his glory?

2.      Pastor Mike talked about how we only have a limited opportunity to make an impact for Christ. He referenced the Harry Chapin song, “The cats in the cradle.” How are you striving to advance the name of Christ? Where are you making a difference? What opportunities are available to you?

3.      There were some people in the story who were blind to what Jesus had done. They did not recognize the healing for what it was, a miracle ordained by God. Where might we be refusing to see what God has done?

4.      Sometimes we don’t follow God. We fear the cost, we fear the shame, yet it is what God has called us to do. Where can you put away your shame? How might you stand up this week?

5.      As a church....where do we see Christ calling us to carry the light into the world? How can we do this?